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Turning the Human Rights Lens on Ourselves: Rethinking Human Rights Grant-Making with a Grassroots Agenda

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference and institute in New York, where participants debated, critiqued, re-framed and re-claimed the rights-based approach and the human rights brand. Following the event, several funders shared their reflections and lessons. Click here to read more. By Obed Kabanda, One World Children’s Fund Advisory Council member, Founder and Executive Director … Continue reading

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Should human rights funds just say no to corporate alliances?

This post originally appeared on Alliance magazine’s blog. Read more from IHRFG’s conference here. Without a doubt, the highpoint of the IHRFG conference 14-15 July in New York City was a formal live debate – unfortunately a rare form of discourse at philanthropy conferences. The resolution under discussion: ‘human rights advocates should not ally with … Continue reading