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Fighting West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak: What Lessons Can Human Rights Funders Learn from the Response?

John M Kabia, Program Officer for West Africa at the Fund for Global Human Rights, shares lessons for human rights funders following the experiences of local civil society and human rights organizations during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It’s been over a year since the WHO officially declared the end of the Ebola … Continue reading

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What Surprises Me about Human Rights Grantmaking

Melinda Fine of TCC Group, reflects on IHRFG and Foundation Center’s latest key findings report, Advancing Human Rights: Update on Global Foundation Grantmaking, and its implications for the field of human rights philanthropy. When your job centers on helping funders assess needs, devise strategies, and manage and evaluate their grantmaking, you wish that every field … Continue reading

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Applying Human Rights Principles to Disaster Response

This article was contributed by Karen Keating Ansara, co-founder of the Ansara Family Fund and the Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation, and Brian Concannon, co-founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. Both authors will be presenting at the Haiti Funders Conference in NYC on November 9 -10, 2016. … Continue reading

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A Holistic Approach to Women’s Rights in the DRC

An interview Babunga S. Nyota, Fundraising and Communication Manager, Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises-  The Fund for Congolese Women – Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises – is the first non-governmental Congolese fund mobilizing financial and technical resources to support organizations and networks of women and girls, with or without legal status, who promote women’s rights … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Power for Gender Justice

Interview with Rye Young, Executive Director, Third Wave Fund- Third Wave Fund resources and supports youth-led gender justice activism to advance the political power, well-being, and self-determination of communities of color and low-income communities in the United States. This summer, Third Wave launched a new rapid-response fund to support social movements and bold activism in … Continue reading

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The Potential of Community Philanthropy: A Flexible Friend?

Contributed by Avila Kilmurray, Director, Policy & Strategy, Global Fund for Community Foundations- Community philanthropy has spread across the globe as a means of increasing local ownership and responsibility for development outcomes.  While rooted in the one-hundred-year North American model of community foundations, forms of community philanthropy exist in virtually every culture, and the practice has been adapted … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift: Participatory Grantmaking Comes of Age

Contributed by Matthew “Matty” Hart, Principal, The Lafayette Practice- Over the past year or two you may have heard more about Participatory Grantmaking, an innovative grantmaking approach pioneered by several progressive grantmaking funds. Also referred to as peer review grantmaking, community funding, or activist funding, participatory grantmaking emerges from the practice of grassroots activism. The … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Dimension of West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

Contributed by John Kabia, Program Officer for West Africa, Fund for Global Human Rights- In December 2013, a two-year old boy living in Guinea’s remote Forest region died of a mysterious disease that went on to kill members of his family as well as people from his and other neighboring villages.  It took the authorities … Continue reading

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In Focus: Mobilizing Resources for Human Rights in Latin America: How Funders and Grantees Can Work Together

Contributed by Tamara Pels-Idrobo Tapia, Programme Associate for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mama Cash; Antonia Orr, Former Head of Development, Semillas; and Semillas staff – Helping grantees build and expand their resource mobilization skills is essential to their long-term sustainability and to stronger social justice movements overall. In many Latin American countries, domestic resources … Continue reading