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Being Strategic about Strategic Litigation: Four Things We’ve Learned from a Public Health Context

In Kenya, restrictions on accessing critical HIV treatment endangered the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living with HIV. In Uganda, hundreds of women died during childbirth due to the failure of the government to provide appropriate maternal health care. In Namibia, the forced sterilization of dozens of women living with HIV led to grief, … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond a Movement Moment

Contributed by Radha Friedman, Director of Programs at the World Justice Project. Conferences don’t usually begin with tears. But given the last few weeks, it wasn’t surprising. The killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, followed by more shootings in Texas, the brutal stabbing and shooting of a member of Britain’s Parliament for being too … Continue reading

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Universal Human Rights: What Are We Sharing Across Borders?

Contributed by Natalie Ross, Director of Global Philanthropy at the Council on Foundations.  It was clear from the opening plenary of IHRFG’s 2016 conference that those of us working to protect human rights are increasingly feeling the impact of recent world events on our personal lives. It was this weight that motivated speakers to change … Continue reading

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“Are you okay?”: Embracing Vulnerability to Sustain the Human Rights Movement

Contributed By Luis F. Vivaldi, Program Associate at the Foundation for a Just Society. “Are you okay?” It seems like a simple question, but it asks so much of us. Recalling the recent tragic events in Orlando, Baghdad, Dallas, and Istanbul during the opening of the International Human Rights Funders Group conference in New York City, executive director … Continue reading

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IHRFG Shows Funders Aren’t Sitting on the SDG Sidelines

Contributed by Don Cipriani, Strategic Advisor to the Elevate Children Funders Group’s Agenda 2030 Working Group and former Director of Communities for Just Schools Fund. On July 11, 2016, the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) brought thirty-seven grantmakers together for their thought-provoking Institute on “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Why They Matter for Human Rights … Continue reading

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Human Rights Philanthropy When the Walls Come Down

This In Focus article was contributed by Jenna Capeci, Deputy Director for the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG). In the world of philanthropy, it’s easy to get a meeting but hard to get the unvarnished truth. For this reason, my favorite moments in my decade as a grantmaker were when the walls came down—when I … Continue reading