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Responsible Data Forum for Human Rights Funders: Key Takeaways
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Responsible Data Forum for Human Rights Funders: Key Takeaways

In January 2016, the engine room and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) held a Responsible Data Forum for Human Rights Funders (RDF). This event also served as IHRFG’s institute, a one-day workshop for funders that runs prior to their conferences. Thirty participants from 26 different grantmaking institutions attended. Continue reading

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Beyond Convening and Coordinating – How can civil society be effective in countering restrictions on civic space?

Nilda Bullain of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law challenges organizations and networks to move beyond buzzwords to focus on identifying and strengthening effective strategies for countering restrictions on civic space. This article originally appeared on Disrupt&Innovate, a place for civil society professionals and activists to discuss the sector’s future. The vicious spirit is out of the box.  By … Continue reading

Closing Space for Civil Society / Human Rights Defenders

In the Name of Security: When Silencing Active Citizens Creates Even Greater Problems

In their article for Open Democracy, Iva Dobichina of Open Society Foundations and Poonam Joshi from the Fund for Global Human Rights discuss opportunities for civil society actors to use counterterrorism and development policies and processes to fight back against closing space. This article originally appeared on openGlobalRights, part of their ongoing debate on closing … Continue reading

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We need to talk about the P word

Originally appearing in the Daily Maverick, Nicolette Naylor, Regional Representative for the Ford Foundation’s Southern Africa office, talks philanthropy, power, and lessons for peer funders. As I attend yet another celebration of a “fabulous” year where we all did such “excellent” work in saving lives and doing good, I feel mildly suffocated by all the … Continue reading

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Berta Lives in All of Us: Tribute to Honduran Human Rights Defender Berta Cáceres

On March 3, Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores – Honduran environmental activist and indigenous leader of the Lenca people – was killed in her home. Berta’s death sparked immediate and wide reaction among many IHRFG members. She was more than a grantee; she was an inspiration and friend. As leader of the movement working to block … Continue reading

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Beyond Grantmaking: How Can Projects and Grantees Be Supported?

Contributed by Lindsay Beck, Senior Program Manager for Radio Free Asia, Open Technology Fund- As funders, have you ever found several of your grantees needing assistance beyond financial support of their projects? Have you struggled with ways to best provide that support? At the Open Technology Fund (OTF), we fund projects that enable access to … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Innovative: Radical Thinking and Action

Contributed by Claudia Samcam, Development and Strategic Alliances Coordinator, Central American Women’s Fund (FCAM)- I attended my second IHRFG conference from January 20-21 and, as in my first experience, I had the opportunity to share, learn, meet and connect with a diversity of people working in the philanthropic sector. This year, the theme of the … Continue reading