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Anti-Trafficking / Collaborative Funding

The Freedom Fund: funding the fight against modern slavery

Contributed by Nick Grono (@nickgrono), CEO of the Freedom Fund – Slavery causes terrible suffering to its victims, but it is more than just an individual crime. It is also a cancer that eats away at the wider health of our economies and communities and a symptom of greater societal failures. Ending slavery will not only … Continue reading

Capacity Building / Women's Rights

A Holistic Approach to Women’s Rights in the DRC

An interview Babunga S. Nyota, Fundraising and Communication Manager, Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises-  The Fund for Congolese Women – Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises – is the first non-governmental Congolese fund mobilizing financial and technical resources to support organizations and networks of women and girls, with or without legal status, who promote women’s rights … Continue reading

Grantmaking Practice / Human Rights Community

Making Use of the Knowledge Tools for Funders and Civil Society

Ariadne and the International Human Rights Funders Group have been collecting grants data from all their members to create a suite of knowledge tools to assist funders and civil society. Some of these tools are available to all via our website, but the more detailed information, right down to grant level, is only accessible via password … Continue reading

Access to Justice / Capacity Building / LGBTQI Rights

Mobilizing Power for Gender Justice

Interview with Rye Young, Executive Director, Third Wave Fund- Third Wave Fund resources and supports youth-led gender justice activism to advance the political power, well-being, and self-determination of communities of color and low-income communities in the United States. This summer, Third Wave launched a new rapid-response fund to support social movements and bold activism in … Continue reading

Closing Space for Civil Society / Human Rights Defenders / IHRFG Events

Turning the Human Rights Lens on Ourselves: Rethinking Human Rights Grant-Making with a Grassroots Agenda

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference and institute in New York, where participants debated, critiqued, re-framed and re-claimed the rights-based approach and the human rights brand. Following the event, several funders shared their reflections and lessons. Click here to read more. By Obed Kabanda, One World Children’s Fund Advisory Council member, Founder and Executive Director … Continue reading

Discussion & Debate / IHRFG Events

Should human rights funds just say no to corporate alliances?

This post originally appeared on Alliance magazine’s blog. Read more from IHRFG’s conference here. Without a doubt, the highpoint of the IHRFG conference 14-15 July in New York City was a formal live debate – unfortunately a rare form of discourse at philanthropy conferences. The resolution under discussion: ‘human rights advocates should not ally with … Continue reading

Human Rights Community / IHRFG Events

IHRFG’s New York Conference: Choosing when to take a rights-based approach

This post originally appeared on Alliance magazine’s blog. Read more from IHRFG’s conference here. ‘The Rights-based Approach: The Right Approach?’ was the theme of the International Human Rights Funders Group’s most recent gathering, 14-15 July 2015 in New York City. Having attended IHRFG gatherings for nearly 15 years, I was somewhat surprised by this title … Continue reading