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Collective Power of Inclusion

Originally published on the Disability Rights Fund blog on April 10, 2017, Catherine Hyde Townsend of Wellspring Advisors reflects on the challenges and opportunities for supporting women and girls with disabilities. In September of last year, thousands of women gathered in Bahia, Brazil for AWID’s women’s rights forum to celebrate the collective power of women … Continue reading


Closing of Environmental Civil Society Space: Strategies for Support on the Frontlines

Peter Kostishack of Global Greengrants Fund reflects on the anniversary of Berta Cáceres’ murder and shares effective strategies for supporting environmental rights defenders on the frontlines. The 2016 murder of Honduran river-protection activist, Berta Caceres, received international media attention, but her story is only the tip of the iceberg. Other appalling cases include the murders … Continue reading

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Fighting West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak: What Lessons Can Human Rights Funders Learn from the Response?

John M Kabia, Program Officer for West Africa at the Fund for Global Human Rights, shares lessons for human rights funders following the experiences of local civil society and human rights organizations during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. It’s been over a year since the WHO officially declared the end of the Ebola … Continue reading