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Collective Power of Inclusion

Originally published on the Disability Rights Fund blog on April 10, 2017, Catherine Hyde Townsend of Wellspring Advisors reflects on the challenges and opportunities for supporting women and girls with disabilities. In September of last year, thousands of women gathered in Bahia, Brazil for AWID’s women’s rights forum to celebrate the collective power of women … Continue reading

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The World is Upside-Down. What are Human Rights Funders Doing to Turn it Over?

Carla López C. of Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM) reflects on the growing visibility and vital role of Global South and East funders in advancing human rights – and the importance of collaboration. What can Global South and East funders teach peer funders based in the Global North about sustaining intersectional social justice movements? Continue reading

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Harnessing Our Collective Power: What We Are Taking Forward from the AWID Forum

In this interview, Ana Valéria Araújo (Executive Director, Brazil Human Rights Fund), Annie Hillar (Senior Programme Officer for Women’s Funds, Mama Cash), and Mona Chun (Executive Director, IHRFG) share their reflections on the 13th Annual Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) International Forum in Bahia, Brazil. What struck you about the AWID Forum? Ana … Continue reading

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A Holistic Approach to Women’s Rights in the DRC

An interview Babunga S. Nyota, Fundraising and Communication Manager, Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises-  The Fund for Congolese Women – Fonds pour les Femmes Congolaises – is the first non-governmental Congolese fund mobilizing financial and technical resources to support organizations and networks of women and girls, with or without legal status, who promote women’s rights … Continue reading

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IHRFG’s 2015 New York Conference: A Space for Provocative Reflection

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference and institute in New York, where participants debated, critiqued, re-framed and re-claimed the rights-based approach and the human rights brand. Following the event, we will share reflections from the funders who joined the conversation. Click here to read more. Contributed by Anisha Chugh and Tulika Srivastava,  South Asia Women’s … Continue reading

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In Focus: Relief, Rehabilitation, and Recovery: Responding to the Earthquakes in Nepal

Contributed by Sadhana Shrestha, Executive Director, Tewa – Nepal Women’s Fund – A devastating 7.9 Richter scale earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, 2015, followed by over 300 aftershocks. A month later, the people of Nepal are on the path to recovery. As of June 1, 2015, according to Humanitarian Data Index, 8,673 are reported … Continue reading

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Hivos’ opening plenary at Human Rights Funders Conference

Contributed by Ireen Dubel, Senior Advisor on Women’s Rights, Hivos. This piece originally appeared on Hivos’ website. On 28 and 29 January 2014, the annual International Human Rights Funders Conference was held in San Francisco. The conference brings together major, global funders of Human Rights work, including Hivos, to stimulate discussion and the possibility for … Continue reading

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In Focus: Mobilizing Resources for Human Rights in Latin America: How Funders and Grantees Can Work Together

Contributed by Tamara Pels-Idrobo Tapia, Programme Associate for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mama Cash; Antonia Orr, Former Head of Development, Semillas; and Semillas staff – Helping grantees build and expand their resource mobilization skills is essential to their long-term sustainability and to stronger social justice movements overall. In many Latin American countries, domestic resources … Continue reading

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In Focus: Communities of Care: Strategies for the Protection of Women Human Rights Defenders in Chechnya and Beyond

Contributed by Keely Tongate, Director of Programs, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights- This piece was originally published on openDemocracy’s Transformation blog. Luiza has seen many attempts to silence Chechen human rights activists. There was the car with tell-tale tinted windows and no number plates that tried to run over her sister after she … Continue reading