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SDGs: Where Do Human Rights Fit In?

Originally published on the SDG Funders blog on April 27. 729 funders. 20,600 grants. 12,888 organizations. Human rights is a broad field, as demonstrated by the vast data in Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG)’s Advancing Human Rights research. So it’s no surprise that human rights funders played an active role … Continue reading

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Collective Power of Inclusion

Originally published on the Disability Rights Fund blog on April 10, 2017, Catherine Hyde Townsend of Wellspring Advisors reflects on the challenges and opportunities for supporting women and girls with disabilities. In September of last year, thousands of women gathered in Bahia, Brazil for AWID’s women’s rights forum to celebrate the collective power of women … Continue reading

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What Surprises Me about Human Rights Grantmaking

Melinda Fine of TCC Group, reflects on IHRFG and Foundation Center’s latest key findings report, Advancing Human Rights: Update on Global Foundation Grantmaking, and its implications for the field of human rights philanthropy. When your job centers on helping funders assess needs, devise strategies, and manage and evaluate their grantmaking, you wish that every field … Continue reading

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The World is Upside-Down. What are Human Rights Funders Doing to Turn it Over?

Carla López C. of Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM) reflects on the growing visibility and vital role of Global South and East funders in advancing human rights – and the importance of collaboration. What can Global South and East funders teach peer funders based in the Global North about sustaining intersectional social justice movements? Continue reading

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Why Every Funder Should Consider Participatory Grantmaking

Originally published on Foundation Center’s GrantCraft, Katy Love of the Wikimedia Foundation and Kelly Buhles of RSF Social Finance discuss the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of the participatory grantmkaing process. Ever heard of participatory grantmaking? It is a philanthropic approach that engages constituencies in the grantmaking process. A group of participatory grantmakers are currently joining … Continue reading

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Funding the Frontlines: The Value of Supporting Grassroots Organizing

Originally published on the blog Philantopic by Philanthropy News Digest (PND) on August 2, 2016, Hilal Baykara of the Sabanci Foundation discusses the importance of funding grassroots movements and the value of developing a diversified grantmaking portfolio.  Over the last decade or so, human rights organizations, democracy activists, journalists, and civil society groups around the world have faced increasing … Continue reading

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Human Rights Philanthropy When the Walls Come Down

This In Focus article was contributed by Jenna Capeci, Deputy Director for the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG). In the world of philanthropy, it’s easy to get a meeting but hard to get the unvarnished truth. For this reason, my favorite moments in my decade as a grantmaker were when the walls came down—when I … Continue reading