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Human Rights Funders Working Group and FCAA Philanthropy Summit

This interview was originally published on the WINGS Global Network blog, Philanthropy In Focus, on Thursday, November 20, 2014. The original article can be found here. These are busy times for Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA). On 8th December the organization is set to release the latest edition of its human rights resource tracking report—one recently expanded with … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Dimension of West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

Contributed by John Kabia, Program Officer for West Africa, Fund for Global Human Rights- In December 2013, a two-year old boy living in Guinea’s remote Forest region died of a mysterious disease that went on to kill members of his family as well as people from his and other neighboring villages.  It took the authorities … Continue reading

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Human Rights and Technology: Lessons from RightsCon

Contributed by Mona Chun, Deputy Director, IHRFG – Two weeks ago, I attended RightsCon: Silicon Valley along with more than 700 other attendees from over 65 countries.  Access, an organization which builds the technical capacity of digital activists and civil society groups worldwide to advocate for their digital rights, put together this buzzing three-day event.  … Continue reading

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In Focus: Leveraging Human Rights Standards to Fund Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Contributed by Tanya Khokhar, Program Analyst, Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights, The Ford Foundation- With the unfolding of broad new developments around human rights standards in the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) field, my colleagues at the Ford Foundation and I wanted to reflect on numerous opportunities we see at this critical … Continue reading

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Advancing Human Rights: A ‘Flip’ Chat With Mona Chun, Deputy Director, IHRFG

By Regina Mahone, Staff Writer, Philanthropy News Digest — Cross-posted from the Foundation Center‘s PhilanTopic blog- (The video below was recorded as part of the Foundation Center’s “Flip” chat series of conversations with thought leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. You can check out other videos in the series here, including a previous chat with Harish … Continue reading

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In Focus: Tackling Fracking Using a Human Rights Lens

Contributed by Lauren Davis, Program Associate, the 11th Hour Project – It didn’t take long to realize that hydraulic fracturing might have some serious impacts on the environment. The practice, also known as “fracking,” is a process used for extracting oil or gas that has made it easier to reach previously inaccessible deposits of shale … Continue reading

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In Focus: Grantmaking on the Frontlines of Human Rights and Democracy Struggles in Zimbabwe

Contributed by Briggs Bomba, Project Director, Zimbabwe Alliance – For more than a decade, Zimbabweans have been struggling for democracy, decent livelihoods and basic human rights against a political elite determined to hold on to power and privilege at all costs. Heroic activism and international solidarity has put the Zimbabwe regime on the back foot. … Continue reading