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SDGs: Where Do Human Rights Fit In?

Originally published on the SDG Funders blog on April 27. 729 funders. 20,600 grants. 12,888 organizations. Human rights is a broad field, as demonstrated by the vast data in Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG)’s Advancing Human Rights research. So it’s no surprise that human rights funders played an active role … Continue reading

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The Freedom Fund: funding the fight against modern slavery

Contributed by Nick Grono (@nickgrono), CEO of the Freedom Fund – Slavery causes terrible suffering to its victims, but it is more than just an individual crime. It is also a cancer that eats away at the wider health of our economies and communities and a symptom of greater societal failures. Ending slavery will not only … Continue reading

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Funding in Conflict Zones: USIP Can Help

Contributed by Steve Riskin, Director, Funders Initiative, U.S. Institute of Peace- Organizations seeking to fund meaningful work in unstable regions can face daunting obstacles. How can a foundation or other philanthropist connect with effective, local peacebuilding organizations in an Iraq, an Afghanistan or a South Sudan? Amid uncertain and fluid dynamics in these settings, how … Continue reading

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Building Equity and Alignment for Impact: Upending Philanthropy’s Power Dynamics

Contributed by Angela Adrar, Programs & Communications Director, Rural Coalition, and BEA for Impact Weaver Co-Chair; and Samantha Harvey, Environment Program Officer, Overbrook Foundation and BEA for Impact Internal Support Team- Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEA for Impact) is a grassroots-led initiative built on equitable and active participation with large and mid-sized “green groups” … Continue reading

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A Million Ones: Building Local Support for LGBTI Rights in Africa

Contributed by Shekeshe Mokgosi, Public Engagement Manager, The Other Foundation- The Other Foundation is an African trust dedicated to advancing human rights in Southern Africa, with a particular focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. It works as both a grantmaker and a fundraiser to expand resources available to defend and advance … Continue reading

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The Potential of Community Philanthropy: A Flexible Friend?

Contributed by Avila Kilmurray, Director, Policy & Strategy, Global Fund for Community Foundations- Community philanthropy has spread across the globe as a means of increasing local ownership and responsibility for development outcomes.  While rooted in the one-hundred-year North American model of community foundations, forms of community philanthropy exist in virtually every culture, and the practice has been adapted … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift: Participatory Grantmaking Comes of Age

Contributed by Matthew “Matty” Hart, Principal, The Lafayette Practice- Over the past year or two you may have heard more about Participatory Grantmaking, an innovative grantmaking approach pioneered by several progressive grantmaking funds. Also referred to as peer review grantmaking, community funding, or activist funding, participatory grantmaking emerges from the practice of grassroots activism. The … Continue reading