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Preventing and Addressing Forced Migration: The Role of Human Rights Philanthropy

IHRFG and Ariadne’s 2016 Funder Learning Visit brought a group of 25 funders to Amman, Jordan, for three days of critical exchange with local, regional, and international practitioners. The visit focused on the question, “What are effective funding strategies to ensure that the rights of refugees and internally displaced people are respected?” According to IHRFG’s … Continue reading

IHRFG Events / Middle East & North Africa / Refugee and Migrant Rights

Learning Visit Reflection: The Value of Coordinated Support for Refugees

Contributed by Shoshana Smolen, Advocacy and Editorial Officer at The Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights Driving up to the Zataari refugee camp is overwhelming. The massive size of the camp is visible from afar, with a wide expanse of prefabricated homes, or informal tented settlements, lined up along the side of … Continue reading

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In Focus – IHRFG at 20: Interview with Steve Riskin, U.S. Institute of Peace

Interview with Steve Riskin, United States Institute of Peace – The International Human Rights Funders Group turns twenty in 2014. We spoke with Steve Riskin, one of IHRFG’s founding members, to discuss how the network and the field of human rights philanthropy have changed over the past two decades. You’ve been with IHRFG since its … Continue reading

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Strategic Implications of Dignity Revolutions for Western Donors

Contributed by Kawa Hassan, Knowledge Officer, Knowledge Programme Civil Society in West Asia, Hivos – This article is an updated summary of Hivos’ briefing note Dignity Revolutions and Western Donors: Redefining Relevance. The Arab Spring was a “political Big Bang” that shocked and awed the world, including the revolutionaries themselves. These dignity revolutions across the … Continue reading