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In Focus: The Importance of Civil Legal Aid to Human Rights Funders

Contributed by Mary E. McClymont, President, Public Welfare Foundation– “Most Americans don’t realize that you can have your home taken away, your children taken away and you can be a victim of domestic violence but you have no constitutional right to a lawyer to protect you.” That keen observation by Jim Sandman, president of the … Continue reading

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In Focus: The Cost of Defending Natural Resource Rights in the Philippines

Contributed by Hoa Duong, Program Officer for Southeast Asia, Fund for Global Human Rights, and Co-Chair, IHRFG/EDGE Asia and Pacific Funders Working Group- In the early morning of October 18, 2012, soldiers from the Philippine army fired indiscriminately into the farm hut owned by Daguil Capion, a B’laan tribal anti-mining activist who had led a … Continue reading