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Are Grantmaker Associations Improving Social Good?

Contributed by Christen Dobson, Program Director, Research and Policy, IHRFG – This article was originally published on the WINGS blog, Philanthropy In Focus, on Monday April 28, 2014. The original article can be found here: Last month I attended WINGSForum 2014: The Power of Networks in Istanbul—a gathering of grantmaker associations, philanthropic support organizations and foundations … Continue reading

Human Rights Community

Successes, Challenges, and Future Partnerships in Africa: Lessons from AGAG

Contributed by Keith Armstrong, Program Assistant, IHRFG – Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group (AGAG) held their 2014 conference in New York on March 19-20. Between 40 and 50 funders working in Africa gathered to share strategies, strengthen resources, and engage in lively discussions about how their philanthropy fits into the overall context of Africa funding. The … Continue reading

Disability Rights

Disability Must Be a Priority Within Development Programmes, Say MPs

This article was shared by Diana Samarasan, Executive Director of the Disability Rights Fund, from the Guardian’s Global Development blog – Disability as an issue needs to be a priority within development programmes, according to UK MPs. A report published on Thursday by the parliamentary international development committee stresses the close links between disability and … Continue reading

Alliance-Building / Human Rights Community

Alliance-Building: Building Relationships for Transformative Change

Contributed by Katherine Zavala, Program Manager, Grassroots Alliances, International Development Exchange (IDEX) – Two questions I often get in my field of social change philanthropy after I present myself as program manager of alliance-building opportunities are “What is alliance-building?” and “Why should we care about it?” I had the same questions when I was first … Continue reading