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Beyond Grantmaking: How Can Projects and Grantees Be Supported?

Contributed by Lindsay Beck, Senior Program Manager for Radio Free Asia, Open Technology Fund- As funders, have you ever found several of your grantees needing assistance beyond financial support of their projects? Have you struggled with ways to best provide that support? At the Open Technology Fund (OTF), we fund projects that enable access to … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Innovative: Radical Thinking and Action

Contributed by Claudia Samcam, Development and Strategic Alliances Coordinator, Central American Women’s Fund (FCAM)- I attended my second IHRFG conference from January 20-21 and, as in my first experience, I had the opportunity to share, learn, meet and connect with a diversity of people working in the philanthropic sector. This year, the theme of the … Continue reading

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The Responsible Data Forum: An Eye Opener- Yet Blurring to the Imagination

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual institute in San Francisco in the form of a Responsible Data Forum (RDF) for funders, organized by the Engine Room. The Forum brought together program officers and grants managers to identify and discuss responsible data related to grantmaking and management, ultimately developing tools and strategies for dealing with sensitive information. Following the … Continue reading

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Deciding for All or All Deciding? Exploring Participatory Grantmaking

Contributed by Katy Love, Senior Program Officer, Wikimedia Foundation. This article originally appeared on Alliance Magazine’s blog on February 1, 2016- ‘Innovation and iteration’ was the key theme of the January the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) conference in San Francisco. In the opening plenary, speakers noted that the ‘innovation’ of community involvement and participation … Continue reading

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Reflections from IHRFG’s Human Rights Lab on the Closing Space for Civil Society

IHRFG recently held its semi-annual conference in San Francisco, culminating in a Human Rights Lab where participants strategized and collaborated to respond to the closing space for civil society. Following the event, funders shared their reflections and lessons. Contributed by Caitlin Stanton, Urgent Action Fund – Sometimes, the closing of civil society space is quick … Continue reading