Closing Space for Civil Society / IHRFG Events

The Disabling Environment for Civil Society: reflection from an indigenous women’s fund in Croatia

This post originally appeared on Alliance Magazine’s blog. Space for civil society has been closing around the globe, with a noticeable rise in restrictive laws and attacks by state and non-state actors. In mid-June, Ariadne, the European Foundation Centre, and the International Human Rights Funders Group convened an international group of funders for a two-day … Continue reading

Alliance-Building / Collaborative Funding

Funding in Conflict Zones: USIP Can Help

Contributed by Steve Riskin, Director, Funders Initiative, U.S. Institute of Peace- Organizations seeking to fund meaningful work in unstable regions can face daunting obstacles. How can a foundation or other philanthropist connect with effective, local peacebuilding organizations in an Iraq, an Afghanistan or a South Sudan? Amid uncertain and fluid dynamics in these settings, how … Continue reading