Disability Rights

Transatlantic Dialogues: Collaboration and Fun in the Disability Rights Community

Contributed by Catherine Townsend, Co-Chair of the IHRFG Disability Rights Working Group – Collaboration is the talk of the town. We encourage our grantees to do it and aspire to do more of it with our colleague funders. I recently participated in Ariadne’s 2014 policy briefing in Barcelona, Spain, which reminded me of the essential … Continue reading

Human Rights Community / Human Rights Defenders / Human Rights Issue / Mobile Media

Human Rights and Technology: Lessons from RightsCon

Contributed by Mona Chun, Deputy Director, IHRFG – Two weeks ago, I attended RightsCon: Silicon Valley along with more than 700 other attendees from over 65 countries.  Access, an organization which builds the technical capacity of digital activists and civil society groups worldwide to advocate for their digital rights, put together this buzzing three-day event.  … Continue reading

Indigenous Peoples

In Focus: Making the Financial Case for Human & Indigenous Rights

Contributed by Dan Morrison and Neva Morrison, First Peoples Worldwide – First Peoples Worldwide’s Indigenous Rights Risk Report addresses one main question – why should investors and shareholders care about human rights and Indigenous Peoples? The moral argument for honoring Indigenous Peoples’ rights is clear, and over the last few decades, legal rights have increased … Continue reading