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Listening from the Head and Heart: My Takeaways from the IDEX Academy

Contributed by Christen Dobson, Program Director, Research and Policy, IHRFG- This article was originally published on the IDEX blog on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. The original article can be found here: We began with a story – that moment when our political consciousness was born; why we chose to advance social justice; the   most formative experiences in … Continue reading

Alliance-Building / Human Rights Community

Alliance-Building: Building Relationships for Transformative Change

Contributed by Katherine Zavala, Program Manager, Grassroots Alliances, International Development Exchange (IDEX) – Two questions I often get in my field of social change philanthropy after I present myself as program manager of alliance-building opportunities are “What is alliance-building?” and “Why should we care about it?” I had the same questions when I was first … Continue reading