Brazil Learning Visit / IHRFG Events

Learning Visit Reflection: Realizing Women’s Rights in Brazil, Bolivia, and Beyond

IHRFG recently held a Learning Visit in Rio de Janeiro exploring the changing dynamics of human rights and global philanthropy in emerging economies. Over the coming weeks, we will share reflections from participants. Click here to read more lessons and join the conversation!

Contributed by Andrea Terceros Hans, Responsable de Difusion y Captacion, Apthapi Jopueti Fondo de Mujeres –

The Learning Visit to Brazil was a great experience. It helped me to learn and understand how human rights are being treated around the world, especially in countries with emerging economies.

ProvidenciaI especially appreciated the opportunities we had to exchange experiences with other women’s funds. It really touched me to realize how similar the processes are in our countries (Brazil and Bolivia) and how women are usually the most ignored population whose human rights are often violated. It was sad to see how, in both countries, people think women have achieved all of our rights. The truth is so different.

But, at the same time, it was inspiring to see this women’s organization at the Providencia favela that built their own business. They are motivating and inspiring other women, including domestic violence survivors, to have their own businesses in order to strengthen their economic autonomy. When I see this kind of experience, it reminds me what I am working for and how women can change their lives and affect their communities as well.

It was also good to know the importance of supporting human rights issues in networks, especially when it comes to women’s rights. It would be really great to continue working together to figure out how to improve the quality of women’s lives in our countries.

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